Pick & Pack

Our pick and pack team uses quality procedures, error-proofing techniques, and excellent supervision to deliver high-quality products in a timely manner.

Our Services include;

  • Assembly  and Packaging
  • Pricing and Tagging

We service a broad spectrum of clients and have a range of work and training options designed to help you reach your goals, feel part of a team and earn an income from day one. If you’re living with an injury, illness, or a disability, and want to find a job, we can help.

Contact us today on 1300 721 755 and start your journey to independence and enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding job!

Our Services


  • Unit 1, 1640 Camden Valley Way Leppington NSW 2179
  • 1300 721 755
  • info@icareemployment.org.au

At iCare Disability Employment Centre, we believe that disability is not equal to inability. We offer disability employment services and employment opportunities for people living with disabilities.

Leppington NSW 2179
1300 721 755
(9am - 05 pm)