About us

About us

iCare Disability Employment Centre (iDEC)

iCare Disability Employment Centre (iDEC) is the latest community project established ans steered by iCare Community Services Inc. Since iCares’ inception, the aim has always been to change and transform the lives of people with a disability. iDEC will definitely achieve that. iDEC is an employment linkage and capacity building project for the people with a disability and includes an Op Shop, Laundromat and Free Clothing Hamper support services that will be manned and operated by people with a disability.

The impetus behind this project is that we wanted to create an assimilation employment facility where people with a disability were in the majority rather than minority. They will receive training of the highest caliber in various employment capacities and categories such as administrative, executive, labourers etc. We expect that when they leave our facility they will be well poised to competitively vie for equivalent positions in the regular work world.

We provide jobs such as:

  • Op Shop Retail
  • Online Op-Shop coordinator
  • Alterations & Sewing
  • Pricing and Tagging
  • Ironing and Sorting

At iCare Disability Employment Centre, we believe that disability is not equal to inability. We offer disability employment services and employment opportunities for people living with disabilities.

Leppington NSW 2179
1300 721 755
(9am - 05 pm)